Occupy Elsewhere.

I believe this video does a much better job of explaining ust exactly what went wrong with the OWS movement.

If this makes me a bad person so be it.


What I miss the most.

That”s kinda difficult to single in on.  It’s actually a toss-up between one necessity and one comfort.

The necessity would be a bathroom of my own.
Simple, base and needed.

The comfort would be my old coffee maker with brew timer.

This is really for medical purposes as opposed to comfort.
If I don’t get my coffee somebody is going to get hurt.  Chances are this person will be guilty of little more than bad timing.  I may not even know this person.  Will it bother me?  Of course it will.  How could it not?  I may even lose a couple nights of good solid sleep.

If this makes me a bad person so be it

Had a spritz of “You Poor Bastard”

I take what some people would call a long walk before rolling out my bed for the night.  Last night was no different except for having been spritzed with a fairly heavy dose of “You Poor Bastard“.

About 10:30pm while walking through Ira Keller Fountain and found a pair of Teva hiking shoes in just my size.  I remove the tired ones I had been wearing to strap on the “new” shoes and continue my walk.

Maybe an hour later I find myself in the Pearl District on 14th near NW Glisan and happen across what appears to be a new Pyramid Breweries t-shirt.  Again, just my size.

Finally on my way to camp I see a small glint to my left only to see a nice little Gerber knife.

Since there was no person near any of these items I felt it necessary pick up and keep all previously mentioned items.
If this makes me a bad person so be it.


Ambassador to the city?

There are times when walking through down town Portland I will see somebody studying one of the guest services maps.  There they stand, turning the map over and over again attempting to get their bearings together.  Sometimes I will ask these people what it is they are looking for.  In most cases it is a specific business or just an address.  In either case it is easy to help these folks out.

On a recent occasion I saw a middle aged couple coming out of a parking garage with a rather perplexed look in their eyes.  As usual I approached to ask what they were looking for.  It turned out they had dinner reservations a Morton’s Steak House.  I pointed down two blocks to the KOIN Tower and told them dinner was waiting for them in that direction.

Here’s where it got funny.  Relieved to now know their way the wife asked a peculiar  question.  “How are the steaks there?”  The husband looks to me as if saying, “Please forgive her.  She is always asking inappropriate questions”.  I look to the woman and say, “Well,  as you may notice by my attire that restaurant does not fit into my budget at this time.”  Once I said that the wife fully understood we both had a good chuckle.

Perhaps in the future I will tell you of the weary traveller asking for directions.

Strobe Lights.

The only place I saw them 35 years ago was at a party or concert.

Then I saw them showing up on emergency vehicles such as police, fire, ambulance or tow trucks.

Then I saw them showing up on utility vehicles such as water, electricity, gas and so on.

Now I have to be subjected to them by bicyclists!


Enough already damnit!


Damn bicyclists are the worst offenders with out question. These jackasses feel the need to have a headlight that is a strobe. To make matters worse they aim them right in the eyes of opposing traffic. Now if you did that in a car eventually some cop would pull you over for hitting him/her with the high beams. Not bicyclists oh no. Since this is Bike Town USA it would be in poor taste to give a ticket or at the very least a warning.


I and others in the world with epilepsy have a problem with this. Ya see, strobe lights can send some people with epilepsy into a seizure. I am not sure if my seizures are brought on by strobes and have to avert my gaze in the presence of one.


The reason people use the strobe setting instead of steady light is to extend the life of the batteries by up 6X. They also say it is the green thing to do because it decreases the number of batteries going to our landfill.

Wowsers….. They saved our collective asses with that sacrifice.

Oh hey, can you smell that?

Thats dripping sarcasm.


How about this instead,

:dramatic pause:



Because of these people there is no place where I am not subjected to strobe lights.


Now let’s talk about emergency vehicles. Can somebody explain the wisdom of placing these lights on a vehicle that is supposed to be there to help me in the event of a seizure. Are they drumming up business for the hospitals they serve? Was there a problem with the older rotator lights that were used in the past?


Please pardon me if this new trend pisses me off.


As usual, if this makes me a bad person so be it.